Handballmarathon in Graz

Like last year, the Specials Wien  participate in the  2019 handballmarathon in Graz.

Players: Alex, Berkay, David, Dorde, Felix, Max, Filip und Veljko. Coach: Boro.

HBSW-Spieler vor ELM-Bus, unserem Mobilitätssponsor

Ivica und Marco (injured) stay at home.  So we have to play without our standard-goalkeeper and our second keeper. But everyone is eager to win a game for the first time.

Boro drives the bus, sponsored by ELM and the team arrives in Graz in time.

The first match is against the host-team Graz, our friends from the turnament in Rovinj. Max is our new goalkeeper, and he plays brilliant, the game ends with a clear 5:0 victory.  The new players Filip and Veljko immediatly fit into the team.

Our second match was against the specials from  Koprivnica (Croatia). It’s for the first btime that the two teams meet, and again Super-Max is invincible – 6:0. Alex, Berkay, David, Dorde and Felix perform incredible.

For the last game, members of the different teams from Graz, Wien and Koprivnica form two mixed teams to play each other.  The mixed teams play on a high level and score even.

We wish the organization of the handballmarathon the best for the future. We gladly would come to play next time. We are also very grateful to our sponsor for the bus, ELM, wich made the journey possible.

Many thanks to the specials from Koprivnica, they invited us to a tournament in their hometown in september, together with Graz and Osijek.