New Season 19/20

The new season 2019/20 will start for the Handball-Specials Wien soon. Our first training will be on Saturday, September 7th from 12 am to 1.30 pm. As usual it will take place in the Fritz Grassinger sportshall (1150 Wien, Tellgasse 3).


Last training für 2018

Our last training for 2018 will take place from 12am to 1pm on saturday,  15th of december in  Sporthalle Kolping-Währing (1180 Wien, Gentzgasse 27).

Our first training in 2019 will take place from 12am till 1:30 pm on saturday, 12th of january in the Fritz Grassinger-Halle (1150 Wien, Tellgasse 3).

Training november, 10th

Our Fritz Grassinger-Halle is still closed for renovation of the floor layed new last summer, still no information from the authority.

Our next training will take place on november 10th in the Turnsporthalle Kolpinghaus Wien-Währing (1180 Wien, Gentzgasse 27).

Training from 12 am till 1 pm, we meet at 11:45 in the lobby.

Training october 20th

Our Fritz Grassinger-Halle is still closed for renovation.

Our next training will take place on october 20th in the Turnsporthalle Kolpinghaus Wien-Währing (1180 Wien, Gentzgasse 27).

Training from 12 am till 1 pm, we meet at 11:45 in the lobby.

A special training and a match

On August, 31st, the Handball-Specials from Vienna had a trainingsession together with our colleagues from Vorarlberg and – for the first time – with the Rapid Specials-Needs Team. The players of Rapid got a gift from the European Handball Federation, a handball for each player.

Foto by Johann Bauer, made in the ASKÖ Ballsportcenter Bernouliigasse.

On September, 1st, we played in a team together with our friends from Graz against Vorarlberg in Krems.

Here are the links for the downlaod, video by Johann Bauer

1. Half

2. Half

Open training and match in Krems

Friday, august, 31st there will be an open training for everyone from 2 pm till 4 pm. Together with the Specials from Vorarlberg we are goinig to present Unified-Handball to everyone interested at the location ASKÖ Ballsport Center (1220 Wien, Bernoullistrasse 7-9) thanks to the Wiener Behindertensportverband. All members of the federation may join the training. More information is also provided by Matias Costa on the webpage mehralsfussball

On saturday, september 1st we are going to play the Specials from Vorarlberg at 4 pm in Krems in a Unified-Game. We leave Wien at 11 am with a bus, make a short break in the Wachau (World Heritage), proceed to the sports-hall (3500 Krems, Strandbadstrasse 3) and play. After our match, at 7 pm there will be the match between hometeam Moser Medical UHK Krems and ALPLA HC Hard from Vorarlberg in the first game of the spusu HLA mainround, juniors of both teams will play at 5 pm.

First training for 2018/19

Due to complications with the new floor the Fritz Grassinger-Halle (1150 WIen, Tellgasse 3) will also be closed in september. We hope to be able start training in october!

Summer break and a glimpse at the next season

We are leaving the sportshall for summer and take a handball-break.

We restart our training in september, most likely on the 8th.

If possible, we will play the Handball-Specials Vorarlberg (our colleagues from behind the big mountain) during the Schmelz-Turnier, the biggest Austrian youth handball tournament.

The Vorarlberger Specials will come to Vienna in early september. We definitly will play against them, and afterwards visit a Heurigen together.

We plan a trip to Rovinj (Croatia), were we will be invited by the Mateo Kovacic Foundation again. And of course take part in the Handballmarathon Graz 2019.