Handball-Specials Vienna – how it started till now

The handball specials Vienna offer people with mental disabilities the possibility to play handball. As a competitive or recreational sport, for beginners as well as for advanced players. We are talking about Olympic-handball or team-handball, not to be confused with handball, the american way.

History of the HBSW

2010 Founding of Handball Specials Vorarlberg

Ferdi Armellini founds the handball specials TS Dornbirn, which will become the handball specials Vorarlberg as an independent club in 2014.

2013 Handball Specials Vorarlberg at the Schmelz Tournament

At the 21st International Schmelzer Youth Handball Tournament the Handball Specials Vorarlberg will play a unified game of 2×10 minutes on the final day. Robert Kuklovszky, then chairman of WAT Fünfhaus Handball, decides to start a handball club for people with mental disabilities in Vienna. The statutes and the concept are prepared and drafted, now the search for suitable partners begins.

2014 Coach Boro Gacesa at WAT Fünfaus Handball

Boro Gacesa takes over the 2000s for the 2014/15 season at WAT Fünfhaus Handball and finally the Kampfmannschaft in the 2015/16 season.

Boro, who previously worked in Feldkirch, talks about the handball specials in Vorarlberg. Beginning of the concrete planning for the foundation of the club.

2015-02-26 Application for admission to the WAT

We ask at the WAT whether the handball specials will be included in the association.

2015-03-08 Notice of formation of WAT15HBS

Foundation of the club under the name “WAT Fünfhaus Handball-Specials” by Borivoj Gacesa (Chairman), Martin Zukrigl (Vice Chairman) and Robert Kuklovszky (Secretary) as a part of WAT Fünfhaus Handball.

2015-04-04 Resignation Vice Chairman

Martin Zukrigle resigns as vice chairman for health reasons. In his place Dalibor Gacesa will be co-opted on 16th of April.

2016-03-09 Training with women’s national team Brazil

Training of the Specials Vienna with the Brazilian Women’s National Team at the Bundessportzentrum Südstadt.

2016-03-12 Match against Specials Vorarlberg in Bregenz

After going to Bregenz, match against the Vorarlberg Specials ahead of the HLA Derby Bregenz-Hard, the local rivals, in the Bregenz-Vorkloster sport-hall. The first game of the Viennese Specials ends 6:2 to the hosts.

2016-06-15 International Match AUT-DAN

The Austrian Handball Federation invites the specials to the farewell game of Viktor Szilagyi, the famous austrian player, in the Albert-Schultz-Halle.

2016-05-21 Training Bacherplatz

Training of the specials at Bacherplatz with the unified partners Karla Ivancok, Mirjam Urch and Mateja Urch.

2016-05-24 Match against Specials Vorarlberg at Hollgasse

Return match against the Vorarlberger Specials ahead of the HLA game Fivers-Bregenz in the Hollgasse, this game is tight but lost. We would like to thank our Unified Partners Bernd Friede and Daniel Burtscher and the Vorarlberger Specials, especially Ferdi Armellini and Florian Berndt for the invitation.

2016-05-25 Visit to Vienna City Hall

Together with the Vorarlberg Specials, who travelled to Vienna, we are guided through the Vienna City Hall.

2016-06-23 Change of statutes, change of name

The Specials change their statutes and become an independent club under the name “Handball-Specials Wien” and get a new logo.

2016-06-27 Application for admission to the WHV

The Vienna handball specialsbecome a member of the Vienna Handball Federation and now belong to the large family of handball players in Austria.

2016-12-10 Christmas-training session

The Specials hold a Christmas training session with friends in the Fritz Grassinger Hall. Afterwards Christmas party and birthday party of Ivica, who turns 30.

2017-04-15 the HB-Specials Vienna at the Cup-Final-Four in Graz

In the course of the Austrian Cup-Final-Four Handball the Viennese play against the Vorarlberger Specials. We are supported by our unified partners Kathi Schweighofer, Martin Hausleitner and Frank Dicker. This game was possible because of the ÖHB and the organizer, Michael Schweighofer, for which we thank you very much.

2017-08-19 the HB-Specials Vienna at the Styrian Handball Days in Graz

The handball specials Vienna meet again with the specials from Vorarlberg and are defeated 11:5. Our unified partners are Leo, Theo and Fanny Schweighofer as well as Markus Pichler. We would like to thank Michi Schweighofer for an excellent game and the opportunity to play at the Styrian Handball Days.

2017-09-23 First training after the summer break

We have our first training after the break in the Fritz Grassinger-Halle, which is equipped with a new floor.

2017-11-25 Match in Hard

The handball specials from Vienna compete again with their colleagues from Vorarlberg, who just won the match, 8:9 for the hosts.

2017-12-18 Application for admission to the WBSV and ÖBSV

We applied for admission to the WBSV (Vienna Disabled Sports Association) and the ÖBSV (Austrian Disabled Sports Association).

2018-01-22 Admission to the WBSV

At its meeting on 22nd of January 2018, the WBSV accepted us as an extraordinary member. As soon as the number of active athletes exceeds 10, we can become a full member. On 20th of April, the ÖBSV will decide about the admission.

2018-03-28 to 31 Rovinj

In Rovinj, the handball specials from Vienna meet the specials from Graz for the first time. Mirza Dzomba and Dario Jagic are our unified partners.

2018-04-20 Admission to the ÖBSV

At its meeting on 20th of April 2018, the ÖBSV accepted us as a member.