Our aim

Handball is our sport

We practice handball (team-handball) as one of the most fascinating sports in fair competition. The “Handball Specials” offer people with mental disabilities regular training- and competition opportunities. We support both competitive and Breitensport. Teams with different performance potential are introduced to handball.

Handball is integration in action

We play unified handball, i. e. two field players (unified partners) per team may be used on the field without handicap. The integration of people with mental disabilities should be made easier by practicing handball together. The quality of life of disabled people is to be improved through social recognition. Sport is the best form of therapy. Great importance is attached to social commitment, as well as the care and promotion of the community. What we have in common should come to the fore.

Handball players are openminded

There are no age limits for unified handball teams. There are also mixed teams (men and women). In addition to the mentally handicapped, unified partners (non-handicapped persons) are used. Mutual tolerance and helpfulness is our primary goal. As a result, the “Handball Specials” are basically open to cooperation with people with a wide range of disabilities. The support of social projects is a concern of the “Handball Specials”.

Handball with two strong partners

We are partners of the ASKÖ LV WAT and the Austrian Handball Federation (OeHB). Together we create the necessary structures to position Unified Handball nationwide. Our vision is a regular tournament with teams from all over Austria and Europe.